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New Ubuntu Edge Indigogo Campaign Announced

Monday, July 22nd, 2013

Earlier today, Canonical and the Ubuntu project announce an Indigogo Campaign to fund the initial release of their “Edge” Mobile phone soft and hard ware.

wtflinux’s senior industry correspondent Jose Maria von Ticklebollock put forward our official corporate response at a hastily convened press conference:

“We at wtflinux feel this a brave move for an open-source project, and that applauds the boldness of the strategy. The internet will be no-doubt full of critics and ney-sayers. And usually we are at the vanguard of the piss-taking. But today, just for a change, we’re not going to pick holes, or take any easy cheap shots. Sincerely, we say to Canonical and Ubuntu, we wish you every success with your venture!

Bet you didn’t expect that, did you fuckers?”

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