wtflinux is written by a useless unemployed twat from England. He’s got nothing better to do than doss around in his boxers all day thinking up snarky crap to shove up on a free wordpress site that some other fucker pays for. For some time he worked for a government department who got on his tits with all their moaning. He had a short spell with a financial software company, but that was too much like hard work. He has also done statistical analysis & management information for Airbus, but somehow managed to piss that gig up the wall when some americans conned him into thinking he could get paid for sitting on his arse at home supporting some cloud thing or other… the shiftless dosy cunt.

When not sitting on his increasingly voluminous backside taking cheap shots at people who actually have something to contribute to Linux, he also enjoys motorsport, being rude to religious zealots, nicotine, pizza and free internet pornography.

Seriously, it’s just a gag page. Relax, chill out guy!

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