Jesting aside…

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013

Ironically, Joyent posted this tweet yesterday.

Winning the war for talent? What a load of self serving bollocks.

The reason I went for the jugular in yesterday’s post is quite simple. Joyent made a terrible mistake which I fell victim to. I left a very lucrative and enjoyable job at Airbus, because I was given very strong assurances I had got a job with Joyent. This happened in Late November 2012. By January 2013, I had to hunt down the agency acting for Joyent, only to be told “Ooops, no job after all!”.

I can understand that sometimes plans change, and things don’t always work out to plan. But when you break your promises that people are banking on to pay their mortgage, the very lowest level of courtesy and decency that we humans have a right to expect, is for somebody from the company who has behaved badly, to at least speak to you to say sorry.

Nobody from Joyent has had this basic humanity yet, not a single word. So my advice to anybody considering taking any position with Joyent can only be, for the good of your career, avoid this bunch of cowards at all costs. The tweet above and the blog post it refers to is as far as the evidence I have to hand proves, a load of self serving bollocks.


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