Radical Reddit Revamp

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

Surprising news from crowd sourced link exchange Reddit this morning. Executive from the popular service have announced major changes to the site that “will bring the site’s identity closer into line with the user experience”.

Reddit press officer Moaning F. Twatt, explained the proposed changes.

“The name Reddit has served us well up until this point, but we have become aware that only a small minority of our users actually go and read the fucking posts before whining like slapped babies, if somebody commits the heinous crime of putting an ‘nsfw’ tag on the post if the content doesn’t exactly measure up to another users concept of what nsfw should be.”

Mr.Twatt took a moment to beat the living shit of an unsuspecting journalist who had the temerity to write ‘f*****g’ in his transcript, before continuing;

“Given that we foster a wide audience of pedantic fuckers, prone to go way off the deep end at the slightest inexactitude, we felt a re-branding exercise was required before we started a jihad of detail obsessive knobbery. After consulting a corporate image consultant, we have elected to rename the site ‘didntredditbeforeifuckingmoanedaboutit.com'”.

When questioned whether there would be difficulties associated with such a long URL, Twatt rebuffed any concerns by stating that “our users are well accustomed to extremes of pointless verbosity , this should right up their street.”


2 comments on “Radical Reddit Revamp

  1. medgoode says:

    Did he not having anything to say about Steve Ballmer?

    • b1ackcr0w says:

      With a name like “Moaning F. Twatt”, I think we can presume he think’s Ballmer is a tip top bloke 🙂

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